Mostly because I’m bored. And I think I need to talk to myself again.

So what’s bothering me at the moment? Of course, mostly it’s about him.

I’m just wondering…what if he’s not real? What if this—whatever we have—is not real and he’s just…I don’t know—playing me? What if that’s the case? What if I suddenly learn that it’s not just me, that there’s somebody else or he’s pursuing another person?

People have told me time and again that I should not think about this, but I can’t help it. I think anyone in my position, who’s quite aware how he/she is getting attached to another person that he/she have not met and would not meet anytime soon, it’s quite scary. There could be a lot of questions and these would not be answered anytime soon but…

What if there’s nothing in the end? What if all of these are just for…nothing?


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